Tommy Stillwell

American Blues Guitarist

Tommy Stillwell: Guitar/ Vocals/ Songwriter/ Producer

For more than three decades Tommy has been entertaining audiences in the US and abroad with his soulful and expressive brand of guitar playing.

His work is featured on better than 30 recordings on compact disc, DVD, vinyl and tape as well as projects for video, documentary films, television shows, and commercial spots for both radio and television.

In recent years, Tommy has also been busy producing Blues, Country, and pop, commercial and demo sessions out of his Park Place Studio.

The Bands and Projects:

In his quest to stay busy as a “working musician”, Tommy often performs and records with several different groups and artists.

The range of genres is incredibly broad, stretching from Tommy’s first love, (the Blues), through Rock & Roll, Americana, into Country, Pop, Jazz and even Gospel.

Tommy’s 30+ years of experience allows him to perform all these different styles of music with proficiency, while tying them all together with his own approach to playing each individual art form.

Its this individuality that  makes his work fit into so many different styles of music.


American Blues Guitarist

Stillwell’s Guitar

Ranks With Best

By Paul A. Harris

  Drawing comparisons to Tommy Stillwell’s lead guitar playing poses a hazard for any reviewer, owing to the temptation to parade out names like Johnny Winter, Dave Hole, or the late Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  Where has this guitarist been hiding? Apparently in every road house, honky tonk and joint in the Midwest.

St. Louis Post Dispatch

St. Louis, MO

      Stillwell’s expertise is

evident, capturing listeners in

slack jawed fascination with his

delicate, crisp, and exacting guitar



Port Arthur, Texas


Stillwell is a drop-dead guitarist mining the Texas vein…

He is a complete blues guitarist -- one of those you

occasionally catch in a club and think to yourself, “This is the real thing”. “This guy should be famous.”

Live Sound! And Touring Technology Magazine… Overland Park, KS

….He’s great!

After hearing Tommy Stillwell play, one can well  understand why Emmett would make such a statement. Stillwell’s guitar work is superb, whether he’s playing rocking rhythm and blues (on his Stratocaster), or some fine slide on a well-worn Sears Silvertone.


Louisville, KY

Tommy Stillwell demonstrates an astounding range of emotional expression on his instrument. He possess the dexterity and speed that nearly all blues guitarists prize. What especially stands Stillwell apart, however, is the conceptual cunning of his solos.


St. Louis, MO

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Tommy Stillwell

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